A term used to describe yourself when you despise an ex so much you won't even let them touch you or shake your hand. Taken from the Judas Priest song of the same name on their 1986 album 'Turbo.'
You think you're cool and got it all
You think you run the scene
I don't believe how you'd concieve
That your good enough for me
You think you've got it all sewn up
But I'll cut you right down to size
The way I figure you don't exist
So you'd better realize

Don't you touch
Don't get near
Don't take me for a fool
Make no mistake
No give and take
I'm too good for you

So keep your hands off
Private property
Hands off
Oh Oh
Keep your hands off
Private property
Hands off me
Hands off
Keep your hands off me
by msbae April 1, 2012
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Private property is basically the stuff you, and only you, own but do not participate in using yourself though you get whatever benefit that stuff contributes to. For example, a factory is the private property of a factory owner, though the factory owner (boss) doesn't actually work within the factory and instead hires people (wage laborers) to work in the factory producing stuff, though the boss collects whatever profit the workers in the factory produce.

It is also know as "impersonal property" and is considered the defining part of capitalism. Anarchists (most notably P.J. Proudhon) and communists contrast private property with personal property, personal property being things like the house you live in, your bed, your guitar, your computer, your shoes, etc. which you are actively using for yourself and thus have the right to exclude others. Private property on the other hand creates an illegitimate authority and, according to them, must be abolished.
My boss operates an apple orchard on acres and acres of private property he inherited from his parents and hires us to harvest all the apples for him, and while he makes a great deal of money off the apples he pays those of us who actually pick the fruit $6 an hour, but he's able to because he owns the orchard.
by ConservatismSucks June 11, 2010
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What you do when you live under capitalism yet have enough free time, energy and space to behave like a woketivist.
Fuck hell no, I will not destroy private property. I will go back to school
by Sexydimma November 26, 2022
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