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For one to be Drunk and High At the same time.
Yoo, Becky's so tractor'd right now she's hitting on her boyfriend thinking he's someone else!
by thedeejaybogus:D July 23, 2009
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An awkward mustache a boy gets during puberty. It only shows up if it's unshaven for a matter of time. It's almost like the adolescent version of a 70's porno mustache, but barely there.
"Yo, look at Jacob. He's grown up, he's getting taller and i also see him rocking the Mexican Showdown."
"Haha, Tim. You're a dick."
by thedeejaybogus:D April 21, 2010
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The act of taking a of marijuana out of a bong, then take a shot, chug a beer, and then eat a banana. all in one breath.
"It took me 3 trys to finally master the Tropical Strikeout! I was so high after that."
by thedeejaybogus:D July 16, 2009
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The act of asking to many irritating questions in a conversation.
"Who am I?"
"What's you're name?"
"I'm hungry, wanna get food?"

"What the funk becky?"
"Why are you being so questioneric?"
by thedeejaybogus:D March 28, 2009
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