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Star Wars mortal enemy
StarWars Kid: Use The Force!
StarTrek Kid: Phasers On Stun!

Startrek guy on undergrads:
Where's Your Yoda Now?....Smeh
by The_Dark_Side May 11, 2005

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Any weapon used by a n00b primarily in FPS games that allows easy kills by players with absolutely no skill
Damn, how'd that newbie own us? The busta used a n00b tube the whole time!
by The_Dark_Side May 07, 2005

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the proper way to spell and say lisbon, portugals capital.
The right way to say it, unless ur a dumbass
I dont call the USA america, dont call lisboa lisbon... its a matter of respecting peoples homeland
by The_Dark_Side June 27, 2005

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the way non-portuguese spell lisboa...
The city is named lisboa, not lisbon... even the damn tourism misspells it, probably becuase its "hard" to pronounce.
Its not... dont disrespect my country and say lisbon
Wop: hey man, im going to lisbon for holidays!
Porkchop: Shut up fez, ull get ur ass kicked if u call it that in portugal
by The_Dark_Side June 27, 2005

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nintendo releasing more games than you can afford, so you freak out and explode knowing you have to choose between a bunch of awesome games
Joe Shmo: Awwww man mario AND luigi are coming out soon...Nintendorgasm!! GIGIDY GIGIDY!!
by the_dark_side November 01, 2005

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An Ultramarines army in warhammer
man those smurfs always have land raiders!
by The_Dark_Side May 08, 2005

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non-conformity = conformity
nuff said, non-conforming is conforming
by The_Dark_Side July 04, 2005

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