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a christian male or female whos view of right and wrong is completely out of wack.believes that every single thing in the bible is a law to be followed or you go to hell.(im christian, but these biblethumpers are just psycotic)
i bet a bible thumper would read that part of the bile that says you can enslave your family and would do it.

bible thumper:you cant watch south park!its against christianity!!your going to hell!
me:dude, where does it say in the bible i cant watch a tv show?
by the rekad playa July 12, 2004
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awsome show that got they cutt off cartoonnetwork.i dont know if the uncut is better since im broke and cant get dvds
hey, does anybody know of any other anime shows that got girls in those school skirts like keiko wears?those things make them look hot dude(i know theyre not real girls but so what!)!!
by the rekad playa June 30, 2004
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a channel that claims to be about music.i've watched this crappy channel for 5 hours in a row and saw no music videos or news related to music!!
my freind saw mtv once and a week later he was smoking weed! **ck you MTV!!!!
by the rekad playa May 25, 2004
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the newest game in the awsome battlefield series.takes place in vietnam(duh)and lets you fly choppers, shoot m16s, and drive in big boats.(in otherwords, serious fun)
timmy555:whoa dude!i just blew that chopper up witha mortar!awsome!
by the rekad playa June 28, 2004
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the reason that america is 2 3rds overweight, and is to blame for our fat, uneducated fatties steroetype the world has given us
mcdonalds is ruining this country. im gonna marry a mexican, cuz at least they can cook and know when to exercise.
by the rekad playa December 06, 2004
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worst freaking Americas Army clan on earth. made up of sweaty 14 year old pricks with issues. all of them should get their damn website hacked and unusable, since those guys are wannabe mackdaddies
ACA i think stands for american canadian airlines, which means they could get into a heck of legal trouble with those dudes. anyways, the lcan should really learn to tolerate noobs
by the rekad playa December 09, 2004
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corruption of the word arab, which refers to a muslim majority ethnic group from the middle east. arabs are the 4th most decriminated ethnic group in the US, just under blacks, jews, and gays.
just becuase theres a few arabs in this world willing to strap bombs to their chest and kill u and a few dozen around you, it doesnt mean all of them are like that or think like that. as it says in the bible, god loves ALL his children, including the good and bad arabs, the blacks, and even the queers.you shouldnt judge 250 million people based on one guy(bin laden), just as u cant judge the us based on one president
by the rekad playa December 06, 2004
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