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this is what polaski's drink
hey jo you want some yorkshire tea or some of that dirty polastea?
by the one March 30, 2005

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n 1: a beverage consisting of an infusion of ground coffee beans; 2: a drink that listens to 'White Tees'; 3: says "FUCK the man"
"he ordered a cup of coffee" java
by The One April 21, 2005

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Rickidius Fronebidius
Rickidius Fronebidius is and always will be The One
by The One April 19, 2004

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A cure fan who resided in chicago.
KamarKhan is a lame ass
by the one April 19, 2005

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synonym to copulate
wild intercourse without emotion.
The word used to describe sex on a one night stand.
yeah bro, i bunted her something chronic last night
by The One February 02, 2004

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Another word for really pissed of guy who a) has a really, really hot mom b) is obsessed with anal sex and c) is an asshole
Wow, look at Rich Cormier go! From the looks of it, he has a hot mom, likes anal sex, and is an asshole in general. Just a thought!
by the one February 10, 2005

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often used when you are desciribing a boy called Alan from kurdistan that goes ina schoo in sweden who has the biggest ass a boy could have and his face looks like a rat.
have u seen ratface lately nah i think he went doign his stpid thangs
by the one March 30, 2005

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