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someone who, for some reason, doesn't like bushes.
ooh come on!!! someone just took a shit behind the bushes in my garden.
I hate this fuckin bushes
by the dirty sanchez February 03, 2005
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alistair kane. australian scrabble champion.
shazza: 'hey man, kaney only walks clockwise'
dazza: 'you serious? thats wierd'
shazza: 'yeh, but thats ok, he's scrabble champion'
dazza: 'right on'
by the dirty sanchez April 12, 2005
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one of the worst internet based car clubs you will ever have the displeasure of coming across. once a prominent resource for information, now a cesspool of ignorance. filled with immature unintelligent sheep led by their fearless and equally unintelligent leader.
hey check out those ass clowns at teamnse, they've just started their 5692nd discussion about the advantages of installing a pod filter.
by the dirty sanchez May 18, 2004
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an extremely funny moment, comment or joke. not just any funny, but the kind of funny that makes you piss your pants and lose your breath with uncontrollable laughter.

dropping a clanger is when someone has
- 'hey clown, ben just dropped a clanger and you missed it'

- 'hey muj just beat kaney at scrabble - it was a total clanger'
by the dirty sanchez April 12, 2005
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