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—is an American-British-Argentine actress that you probably have seen in the movies: The Witch, Morgan, Split, Glass, Thoroughbreds, Emma, and many more. She also played Beth Harmon in a Netflix TV series entitled "The Queen's Gambit," and she's best known for having roles in movies with a drama/thriller genre. You might notice that most of her characters in movies have a dark and traumatic background/situation but she's actually a relatable person and a pure sweetheart in real life.
Example 1: Anya Taylor-Joy's stare can either cut you through like a knife or make you lose your mind.

Example 2: Anya Taylor-Joy is such an iconic actor and I believe she will achieve so much more.

Example 3: Anya Taylor-Joy can smile at me and I'll collapse on the floor, 50/50.
by the username ella was taken December 15, 2020
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- one of the perfect words that describes the whole world right now.
Some people say hell is 'not real' but everyone actually live in it.
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—is a sensational, flexible, admiring, or should I say, a magnificent French actress whom you've probably seen in the movie "Portrait of a Lady on Fire". She's also a remarkable feminist, The Lord of the Lesbians, always stands her ground, not afraid to express herself, and fidgets a lot (which makes her look even cuter, by the way). Beware of her masculinity. You might die in gayness.
Me: (With rage) "French is a pretty complicated language but I'm doing this for her!"
Friend: "Who?"
Me: "... Adèle Haenel."
by the username ella was taken April 29, 2021
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—an American actress slash model and a gorgeous, five-foot-ten and a half beauty, who you probably have seen in the movies: Space Force, Ma, and Booksmart. A woman who is creative and artistic, and loves the thing called "method acting", music, and photography. Apparently, she can't bend fire, earth, air, nor water...but she can bend your gender.
Diana Silvers can run me over with a car and I could still get up and tell her that I'm thankful and I love her.
by the username ella was taken November 7, 2020
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