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a boy around their teenage years--between thirteen and twenty-five. they play with a girls' feelings and are notorious womanizers. they are also called Casanova and playboy.
generally, they are:

-ask for nudes
-pretend they're interested
-masters at ghosting

this is for the girls if you like a fuckboy, this is a note to all of y'all. this is what you will be thought of if you try to go after a fuckboy. i would personally not go after one

this is how they think: if you are straightforward and show interest, you come off as too aggressive. if you are shy and waiting for them to make a move, then you are a tease and perpetuating gender stereotypes. if you want to screw you’re a slut if you don’t then you’re a prude. if you have a sense of style you’re a basic bitch. if you don’t then you’re not cool. if you initiate flirting you’re thirsty. if you don’t then they won’t talk to you. if you put on makeup you’re insecure. if you don’t then you’re ugly. if you want a relationship you’re boring and asking for too much. if you just want to hookup then you’re a hoe. if you show that you care about their wellbeing you’re trying too hard. if you don’t then you’re a bitch. if you want them to take care of you you’re incapable. if you can take care of yourself you are an aggressive feminist. if you don’t catch feelings and reject them then you’re a tease. if you catch feelings, then i would say you lose because the fuckboy won't.
Person A: Oh my God, did you see Michael last night with that girl? Even though he just broke up with Ella?

Person B: I don't know why he's your friend, he's such a fuckboy.
by the greatest bitch alive October 05, 2019

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this doesn't mean just talking. it means talking about dating. if you're talking to a boy/girl/member of the preferred gender, that means you guys are a thing and haven't made it official by going on dates just yet.
Person A: "So, how many people are you talking to?"

Person B: "Just Adam right now. I think he might ask me out soon."
by the greatest bitch alive September 24, 2019

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girls that are associated with the app vsco. there are 2 types of vsco girls: ones that don't seem like vsco girls and others that embody regular girls.

these are common characteristics of a vsco girl:

-they love metal straws and hydroflasks (bc they wanna save the TURTLES!)
-they wear chokers, handmade friendship bracelets, and puka shell necklaces
-they love scrunchies
-they wear oversized t-shirts
-messy buns and beachy waves are their preferred hairstyles
-they like wearing Birkenstocks with socks
-they prefer to wear Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters
-they like natural makeup
-they like Victoria's Secret PINK & body mists/fragrances

annoying vsco girls:

-overuse sksksksksk instead of lol lmao or rofl
-try to put everything in their lives on vsco
-want to be vsco famous
Person A: "Have you seen Annalise's Instagram?"

Person B: "She's just reposting her entire VSCO feed on there. She's such a VSCO girl."

Person C: "But I think while she is totally one of those annoying VSCO girls, Mary Arden isn't."

Person A: "Agreed, she's actually sweet and doesn't want her whole life to get republished."
by the greatest bitch alive September 12, 2019

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dick sucking lips. Girls get this after sloppy blowjobs. This means that their lips are swollen and red.
Person A: "Omg look at Ella today, she's so indecent."

Person B: "Her dress looks fine and she has a boyfriend, what do you mean?"

Person C: "She's got DSL! Look at her. I bet it's not from her boyfriend, I heard he has a tiny dick."

Person B: "OMG, you're so right."
by the greatest bitch alive September 21, 2019

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