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if all humans were as: gentle, touching, gripping, motivating,socially aware and outspoken as Tupac......we would be living in absolute BLISS

"a creative heart obsessed with satisfying this DORMENT and UNCARING society"
Tupac was an excellent poerty writer and its evident in such poetry as "starry night" and "God" he is without a doubt the best artists EVER and was a genuine kind-hearted person

by tha truth teller May 30, 2006
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a horrible disease that millions of teenage americans suffer from.

the FOB virus is airborne, one is contaminated with this virus as soon as they hear any pop fall out boy song.

symptoms include include a significant change in sexuality and wardrobe such as : guys wearing mascara and eyeliner while wearing flourescent colored "Youth Small" sized DC shoes shirts, ripped up pants and having a weird haircut with bangs that cover half your face.
we must stop the Fall out boy virus with DEATH METAL, the antidote.
by tha truth teller March 27, 2007
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a pathetic pop rapper whos music appeals to teenages and people who know nothing about real hip-hop.

he falls into the sterotype of the typical rapper since he has no creativity, talks about drugs and 'gats' and loves to objectify women and talk about his artificial wealth.

Method man, Ice Cube, Rakim, Nas, Hieroglyphics, Del tha funkee homosapien and KRS One are all examples of people who are alive and are way better than weezy since their music has a message.


Del tha funkee homsapien= "its your world, your future, you control it whatever you do early on is how you mold it. i record it, sold it, told it to you, MR.Del wouldnt tell you nothing that aint true"

i wonder whose music has a meaning
by tha truth teller March 27, 2007
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to make fun of anyones hair, teeth, shirt, tapeline, haircut, shoes, pants ETC...

at the lunchtables, they began to rank on me
by tha truth teller May 30, 2006
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that ULTRA HOT metal-head chick who does interviews with metal bands and sees live performances on URANIUMwhich is aired on FUSETV
you: look, uranium is on TV now!!!

me: yea, i would fuck that host chick Juliya for 6 hours straight
by tha truth teller August 07, 2006
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a bay area hip-hop artist (notice i said hip-hop,not rap...if you dont know the difference you fully deserve to get shot)

e-40 goes by un-noticed has been making music before most of the bastards in todays industrialized rap genre were born....and NO three six mafia werent the first ones to start the "poppin my collar" trend it was e-40
if you think e-40s first ever song is called "U and Dat" then stop reading this and hang yourself for claiming to know all about hip-hop
by tha truth teller August 09, 2006
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1. bluish gaseous reactive form of oxygen that is formed naturally in the atmosphere and is used for disinfecting, deodorizing, and bleaching

2. really gay pop band
1. dont deplete the ozone, bitch

2. after hearing ozones "numa numa" 2,017 times, i must admit that im turning gay
by tha truth teller June 06, 2006
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