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The almost viral phenomenon that occurs when Oprah endorses a cause or person or product. When Oprah announces her approval of something, its popularity will almost surely escalate to the point of frenzy.
First introduced by the cable news networks' 2008 Presidential election campaign coverage.
Woman # 1: "Did you hear that Oprah's backing Barack Obama for president in '08?"
Woman #2: "I'm voting for him. He's got the Oprah Effect."

Man # 1: "Now, how in the hell did Dr. Phil get his own show?"
Man # 2: "Must be the Oprah Effect, man."
by terribleDH December 23, 2007
A kick to the nuts. Refers to the five toes of the kicker's foot rising up to mash the two testicles of the recipient's ball-bag.
When my boss called me into the office to review my job performance, she said that if I'd spent more time working than reading Urban Dictionary, I'd still have a job on Monday. It was a real high-five to the low-two.
by terribleDH March 6, 2011
More naked than naked. As naked as naked can get. So naked, it's bollocks.
There I was - hammer-fist drunk, bollicky bare-ass naked, ready to snowboard off my roof...
by terribleDH December 5, 2011