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One who initiates the act of fellatio; a fucking cocksucker (the kind that engages in oral sex, not an asshole, a buttknocker, a bungsnoipe, an asshaberdasher, etc.).

This term is usually used to describe faggots, but it can also be used to describe a very despicable person.
1: John wants to be a penus vacuum -- what a fucking F46607!!!

2: Osama bin Laden was such a penus vacuum; I'm so glad that the Navy Seals hosed him down!!!
by Telephony July 28, 2012
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The deliberate destruction of a facsimile (fax) machine.
Hey!!! Jimbo finally committed first degree faxicide on that stupid fax machine that's always spitting toner at us!!!
by Telephony January 16, 2011
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The intentional murder of a laser -- usually done in the name of science.
That scientist committed first degree lasercide on that poor, defenseless laser just to see how long it would operate at maximum candiosity...er...uh...INTENSITY before it pooped out.
by Telephony November 28, 2010
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Tearing, ripping, or otherwise mutilating the first several sheets off of a new toilet roll in an attempt to find the "start".
Man that's totally F'ed up!!! You really committed charmangulation on that roll of bungwipe, didn't you?
by Telephony November 12, 2010
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Has a very similar definition to the phrase for Christ's sake!, but the devil is referenced instead of Jesus.
For Satan's sake, drink up or we'll be late for the next party!!!
by Telephony September 25, 2013
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A polite way of saying the word, "douchebag"; it can be used in typed text or spoken.
Linda is such a flexible container of Massengill that it ain't even funny!!!
She did the most unfeminine thing in the world and plugged up all of the shitbowls at the rest stop with paper towels!
by Telephony May 04, 2013
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The word, "fag" when typed in attempt to bypass the inbuilt censors found in many online chat rooms, games, and BBS (forum) software.
Eric, you're such a phucking F49 it ain't even funny. :-|
Get off my dick...it's sick!!!
by Telephony October 27, 2012
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