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Derivitive: To change from man to woman without the need for surgery.
Jordan morphed into Jordette, to get it on with the boy named Matthew.
by tegrof January 02, 2005

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A name for a man regarded as a sexy beast.

Only one tegrof on the planet and he's in Canada, so please be sure before you call someone this.
Holy crap! That guy's tegrof!
by tegrof January 04, 2005

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Sexually disillusioned male approaching middle age. tegrof's generally have unrealistic beliefs about their sexual performance, imagining they are "God's gift to women".
Woman 1: How was your date last night?
Woman 2: Sigh... I was left empty and unsatisfied even though he ranted about his sexual abilities. That guy was a real tegrof.
by tegrof March 03, 2005

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To be a sexually proficient lover of women.
I am truly a sexy beast!
by tegrof January 03, 2005

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