12 definitions by tdawg

tdawg blows cock for ice cream money, therefore he is a necroz
by tdawg April 25, 2005
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Nut Odor.

Odor emitted from the male groin area.
I can't sit by Billy because his nodor is too strong.
by tdawg March 23, 2005
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To have sex with a woman. Going from her ass to mouth to pussy to ass back to mouth, in that order.
damn, did you see the way that bitch was walkin she totally got ampamed
by tdawg January 19, 2005
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Unbelieveable large man breasts, induced either by some sort of genetic disorder, or by excessive eating.
God, those were some bitch titties if I've ever seen any, that guy might as well kill himself now.
by tdawg November 22, 2004
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To take a solidified pack of used dip, ie Copenhagen mint long cut, and transferring it from your lip to the inside of a woman's vagina. Afterwards packing it in with your penis. Very dominant practice in the south.
Tim: hey did you do anythinh with that girl last week?

Tom: yeah I had a fat dip in and spit it in her vagina, then fucked her!
Tim: Ah! The ol south Texas mud packer!
by tdawg May 17, 2015
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