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69 day is June 9. The ninth of the sixth month.
Happy 69 day!!!

Have fun 69ing today.
by Tburn June 09, 2008
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Squidwaldo is a term used in Queensland, Australia meaning someone who is a bit of looser. Can be used as a substitute for lemon, egg, ball bag etc.
Minnitie "I had a chance at playing 1st grade this year"

Lachlan "No you didn't, you squidwaldo"
by tburn February 28, 2013
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Head nigga in charge
Hockey night in Canada
Whores night in Compton
i is da HNIC in diz bitch.
HNIC is for fucking fags.
yo dawg its da HNIC bitch get ur ass ova hea to get a load of gettin a load off!!
by Tburn June 10, 2008
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