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( noun) a person, usually a man, who has devoted extensive time and effort in the bedrooms/motel rooms/apartment dwellings /wayside drinking fountains/parkbenches/backseat of '70 Chevelles/Greyhound busterminals;coaches/airplane flights/beach blankets/local bars/cars/school gyms/bushes/gas station rest rooms/city parks/ lakes/ etc.
getting some ass, so mauch ass in fact that he has become a 10th degree expert ass getter and high exalted ass expert skilled in the ways and means of: attaining ass, pleasing ass, performing stunts with and for ass, complimenting ass ad nauseaeum, flattering for ass, conning that ass, grabbin' up on that ass, feelin' around that ass, skyydiving, muff diving, sheet parasailing and deep dish diving for that ass, as well as a host of other stunts and tricks and manipulations employed to basically Get That Ass, in any way that that ass needs to be got, consensually of course, and with respect for , to , and by that ass in return.
" Man I am a regular bootyologist, with a phd in pimpology and and MD in ass 101."
" Dude, your pimpology is lame. You need to study hareder if you wannabe a bootyologist like me. Just watch this, and I'll school ya. Not...."
by taoteqingren November 04, 2005
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One who is engaged in the study of (female) booty; esp. research of theghetto booty, ba-donka-donk, or bubble-butt classes of booty.
Eric went to school to become a zoologist; he likes fucking in the barnyard. Lil' Bobby studies the chronic; he is an herbologist. I am proficient in all matters dealing with the female ass. I am a bootyologist. I know a fine ass when I see one!
by starecases October 04, 2004
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In Texas Hold 'em, having a Jack Queen in your pocket. Named after Jacquese of the recent season of Real World, the self-proclaimed bootyologist who, in fact, did not get anywhere near any bootys.
In the showdown between the Ayatollah and the Fan's Least Favorite, the former would likely take down the latter's pocket rockets catching a runner-runner two pair with his bootyologist.
by Noam Bleiweiss April 05, 2005
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The study of ass; study of big, big, BIG BOOTY.
"Man, I know booty 'cause I'm a bootyologist, cuz!"
by Slim Shady and La Davide December 02, 2003
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a person who studies obese booties
"We are bootyologists Josh D.!"
by e. d. boo October 14, 2003
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