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A trend that was started by Shaq.
Did you see that episode of "Cribs" where Shaq had these rims on his car that keep spinning when the car stops?
by troll January 05, 2005

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It's called carebearism when people want to agree and be nice to each other on a forum.
Tuffguy posts Monday, March 29th 2004
My tummy hurts.

Trikk reply Monday, March 29th 2004
Awww can I do anything for you?
by TrOLL March 29, 2004

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A description/insult of someone from the middle-east. Towlie McHeadscarf describes the person by the headdress they wear.
1) "Did you see that Towlie waving an AK47 next to a picture of a dead relative?"

2) "Oh no, Towlies on the news again!"
by Troll November 29, 2004

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AN awesome guy who everyone thinks smells of curry but he doesn't thats them hiding the fact they didn't shower a week ago having a KABAB OR A TAKEAWAY

He is from BRADFORD
Neerej is awesome

I know right or to our BBM friends

by troLL November 12, 2012

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A description/insult towards a person of Chinese/Japanese origin.
"Hey, check out the Ha So doin' the martial arts!"
by Troll November 29, 2004

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(Scandinavian folklore) a supernatural creature (either a dwarf or a giant) that is supposed to live in caves or in the mountains
It is said that a troll will turn to stone if caught by sunlight/daylight.
by Troll April 22, 2003

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a person disliked by me or a certain brother of a person i dislike, known as 'giant bog'.
"Was that Bog?"
"Oh I hate him"
by troll June 02, 2004

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