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u r jail buddy better watch out he is gay
imate 1 yo was sup hommie
imate 2 yo here comes big buba
he's with me in a cell
imate 1 feel srry 4 u man
imate2 i feel sryy 4 my self he tried to make a move on my last night
by syl June 28, 2005

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a word cover up for fuck
fizzle i droped my sliverwere in the trash
by syl June 27, 2005

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holla can be said to say by or it could be the last word in an arugment to end it.
girl 1. u are soooooooooo retared u dorke

girl2. u can shut up just cuz i need help in school dont make me retard u slut ass whore holla!!!!!!!!
by syl June 27, 2005

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oh know not i cant belive i did that
oh snaps i spilled my drink on my new top
by syl June 21, 2005

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sex juice from a hot guy
juice from ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeha baby iam thirsty
by syl June 20, 2005

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