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having swag at the purest level. appearance, style, a way of carrying yourself; earned respect
I thought I was looking good but my boy Edgar came http://www.urbandictionary.com/add.phpin the club looking swagnificent.
by swarles barkley February 09, 2009

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working on an paper for school in small segments but continually getting distracted whether intentionally or unintentionally
I really can't come out tonight. I've been procrastiwriting this paper all day and it's time to get it done.
by swarles barkley September 10, 2009

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a traditional blumpkin while the girl giving the blow job is being penetrated from the back (either through the ass or the pussy)
Girl- I'm not giving you head while you shit unless I'm getting some too.

Guy- Well then take it from the back and we'll call it the eiffel blumpkin!
by swarles barkley January 11, 2009

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