15 definitions by suzi

1:A baked savoury snack to enjoy with beverages such as tea/coffee/milk.
2:A complete dumbass
'Get the rich tea out mary'
'You complete biscuit!'
by suzi September 25, 2004
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if something is blitzy it is very cool or good or funky or whatever
wow that film was soo blitzy!!
by suzi February 22, 2004
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A terrible, long lasting case of diaherrea. Rhea, Perlman
I can't come out tonight, Rhea Perlman is over here and she won't leave.
by suzi January 06, 2004
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A terrible, long-lasting case of diaherra. Also known as Rhea and Rhea Perlman
Oh man, Perlman is after me.
by suzi January 06, 2004
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