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Was last seen burning in George Bush's fireplace
makes great smores that smell like freedom!
by suckage July 11, 2005

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Almost like a holiday season, it takes place between the last 3 weeks before school starts and the first 3 weeks after school starts. Major corporations like Walmart and JCPenny feed off your moms money and encourage more of it with their abysmal advertising of back to school sales. Your parents seem to tease and taunt you that school is on its way to the point that you'll want to vomit uncontrollably.
Do you need an example? Alright, just see either school middle school or high school. See also: wal-mart and dollar general.
by suckage July 18, 2005

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The swirling apocalyptic hellstorm that touched down on August 29, 2005 and screwed up Louisiana, Mississipi, Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle. Worse of all, it sunk New Orleans like the city of Atlantis. Our prayers are with the few survivors living there.
Right now the deaths is a mystery but most say it could be in the thousands. This goes to show you there are worst things to fear than terrorism, never underestimate Mother Nature. . . .
Im sure you'll all agree with me when I say that Katrina is one psychotic hell bitch
by suckage August 31, 2005

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Famous mod created for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC Version) that totally assraped its reputation. The mod unlocks a hidden sex mini-game in which you pleasure your prostitute by doing different combos and such. In the end of it all the game gets slaped with and AO (Adults Only) rating for content not even included in the game, while the n00b who created it gets off scott-free
soccer mom: Those evil game designers mis lead my litte jimmy to believe this game was safe for him to play!

smart person: Do you even consider what your kids download off the internet? Start monitoring your irrisponsible kids you lazy bitch
by suckage July 24, 2005

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What is to be called the day the London Subway got bombed the f*** out. Similar to America's 9/11. Killed about 27 people.
Tony Blair had it coming to him. If he just stopped kissing Bush's ass none of this would have happened
And I thought Britain would be a safe haven from America.... better go build that bomb shelter...
by suckage July 12, 2005

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The only person white people appreciate cause he was a stoner and blacks apreciate cause he was simply a jamaican reggae god a.k.a. "the ORIGIONAL rude bwoi"(see rude boy/ rude girl also rude-boy) kinda like a jamaican jimi hendrix if you think about it.
bob and jimi.... separated at birth?. . . . probably might have met up in heaven already
by suckage July 14, 2005

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