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The year in which too many beloved celebrities and loved ones died, we elected the most unfit president ever, and generally, everything sucked.
2016: Seriously, fuck that year.
by stryfe November 14, 2016

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Any exterior riding area for passengers you no longer wish to keep within the confines of your vehicle - such as a dog kennel strapped to a luggage rack.
"You'd better not blow chunks or I'm making you sit in the Romney seat"

"If your crazy hoe doesn't chillax, I'm throwing her in the Romney seat..."
by stryfe August 14, 2012

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A "lunch" that has extended long beyond it's reasonable time frame. (See base words "lunch" and "eon")
This luncheon is taking forever, I wish she's just shut up and finish her chicken sandwich already...
by stryfe August 14, 2012

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Any substance that hast the constancy of hash browns, often preformed into specific shapes.
Tatter tors are hashbrowny.
by stryfe April 10, 2013

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People who drink together while skyping others in order to not drink alone (which, or course makes you an alcoholic).
"You are a Skypaholic, currently." (as said to my by a friend while drinking on Skype.)
by stryfe August 15, 2012

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The act of vomiting into someones open ass and have it squeezed back up into your mouth, then into thier ass again continously.
See also Heffalump
"We Heffalumpabumped 30 times last night"
by Stryfe February 18, 2005

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Annual holiday on Dec. 25 that revolves around four things:

1. Buying Shit.
2. Getting Shit.
3. Eating Shit.
4. Watching Football.
We're going to the mall to buy gifts on credit for 'Mericamas.
by stryfe November 29, 2013

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