Being well-known for having a pirate impact on society, a community, and/or the world.
So now you see there's a big difference between unfamous and infamous
Look! Omar is unfamous for pirating music.
by 0cCartman March 7, 2006
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A word to describe some of the amazing talent you can find on youtube, myspace and any other multitude of entertainment sites.

These people are in no way famous and can usually go out in public without being mobbed, but still have a very large following usually in the hundreds of thousands.

There is also a chance these people will become truly famous; ie. a house hold name.
"Hey have you ever heard that sick guitarist KillrBuckeye on youtube? He can shred like a demon!!"

"No man he must be unfamous"

"Hell yeah! Who the fuck wants to be famous?"
by OpiatedONE August 22, 2009
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