12 definition by sticky

slang definition for "hoe"..."girl on the slide" a girl that you mess w/but shes not your gf
it that yo gf?
"no thats jus my chop"
by STICKY March 01, 2003

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When your banging a trick doggy style and you swing your arms windmill style and smack her cheeks at the same time, a double whamy
by Sticky April 21, 2003

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when a bitch hums yo nuts
by Sticky April 04, 2003

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a person who is essentially, the most awesome person in the entire universe
"man you are the stickiest person ive ever met"
by sticky August 31, 2004

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German Goo Girls
Messy german porn with lots of man goo
When I was finished with her she looked like a ggg
by Sticky October 10, 2004

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