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When you neglect your child because you’re chronically online and YouTube is the bigger priority for some reason. And also when you silence your viewers and dictate every single comment.

Also see eating disorder, Songbyrd ASMR is the action of eating large amounts of food thinking it’s helping others recover when it actuality it’s very triggering and you’re quite obviously purging.
Do you watch Songbyrd ASMR?

Oh, uh, not anymore. I found her child abusing qualities and her eating disorder to be quite upsetting and triggering.
by stellaohlala November 22, 2021
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“Have you heard of that girl Billie Eilish?”
Oh yeah lol, she’s an industry plant
by stellaohlala April 30, 2020
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yt ppl are full of it, see bullshit such as “all lives matter”. yt ppl hate not being the good guys so they just couldn’t be having none of that
goddamn yt fragility makes me laff
by stellaohlala February 27, 2021
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First, lets start with the biggest problem: THE STAFF.

Why must they treat their students like they’re stupid? This school gives up on the lower sets before they even start thus giving them some of the worser teachers of the institution just to tolerate them. Why else would they still have year elevens who can’t spell common words and get confused by the correct uses of to and too?There’s also a superiority complex where higher set children are given more opportunities, not to mention brilliant club. Not in a high set? You don’t have the mental capacity to join extracurricular clubs. The staff are extremely condescending and patronising too, not naming names but I think each student can think of a staff member who has made them feel like they’re incompetent and that their intelligence has been insulted and this brings me on to another point:

LITTLE TO NO DISCIPLINE. Everyone knows that the students drug deal at this school behind the science block and yet senior leadership turn a blind eye to it. Students know that can get away with misbehaving as there is little to no consequence (seriously, in what possible way is suspension or a 12 to 5 a punishment?) and so they run out of lessons, swear at staff and like I previously said, drug deal. It’s all covered by a huge façade at parents perspective evenings etc. Poor year sevens. Overall, this school is shit and your child will flourish no better here than if they were at Cheadle Academy across the road.
Have you heard about Painsley?

Ha! That shit hole? I wouldn’t send my kids there if it was the last school in Staffordshire.
by stellaohlala September 14, 2020
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some dumb annoying shit local yt girls say
local yt girl on tiktok: LMFAO purr
everyone: bitch shutcho bitchass up
by stellaohlala July 6, 2021
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