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boring game full of suburban white kid’s trying to act hood.
Most the bitches on Meez are white
by stellaohlala November 29, 2022
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When you neglect your child because you’re chronically online and YouTube is the bigger priority for some reason. And also when you silence your viewers and dictate every single comment.

Also see eating disorder, Songbyrd ASMR is the action of eating large amounts of food thinking it’s helping others recover when it actuality it’s very triggering and you’re quite obviously purging.
Do you watch Songbyrd ASMR?

Oh, uh, not anymore. I found her child abusing qualities and her eating disorder to be quite upsetting and triggering.
by stellaohlala November 22, 2021
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“Can you keep your voices down, PLEASE, I have husband on nights!”
FRIG OFF! And wash yer bastard curtains ya dirty cow!”
by stellaohlala September 21, 2023
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Your average blonde dude who lives on your block
“When’s Nate Higgers’ birthday?”
by stellaohlala August 12, 2023
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Spanish word for what, but also the way idiots spell queue
“Jorge te ves estúpido
“I went to the store earlier but the que was too long”
“You’re a fucking idiot
by stellaohlala October 18, 2023
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