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An elated feeling similar to getting high but achieved through non-chemical means.
Homestar and friends like eating pie and getting doppy.
by spokmage January 23, 2007
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Salvadoran word to describe people "bajeras," or from "el campo" in other words, uneducated or backwater. Similar to English usage of hillbilly.
Salvadorans think Piolin por la man~ana is kinda grencho. I bet he is missing some teeth.
by spokmage June 26, 2007
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verb: To crawl in the prone position in a stealthy manner, as if you were GI Joe sneaking up on an unsuspecting target.
Okay, so if you want to get with that chick that you've had a crush on for months, this is what you do:

Go to her house, GI Joe up behind her couch while she's watching tv, and plop your wang on her shoulder. It totally works, trust me.
by spokmage May 15, 2007
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To play air guitar enthusiastically in a repetitive manner, accompanied by half-assed guitar sounds in a way reminiscent of Beavis from Beavis and Butthead.

Works best with metal or hard rock.
Dude, why are you beavising to an Alanis Morisette song?
by spokmage June 27, 2007
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1. (n) A game played among "bros" that involves unexpectedly hitting your bro in the nutsac while yelling "Squirtle!"

2. (v) The act of hitting someone in the nutsac while yelling Squirtle, after which everyone says "Oh daaaaayum!"
Deep: Hey, what's that over there?
Darrell: Huh?
Deep: Squirtle!!!
Darrell: GAHHHH!

(later that night...)

Darrell: Hey Deep.
Deep: Yeah?
Darrell: SQUIRTLE!!!!
by spokmage August 9, 2007
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