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most beautiful girl in the world nice to every one. all the guys are dumbass for not seeing it the kind of girl you would bring flowers to even if she dont like them has the a perfect body and always has the best thing to say and has a huge heart .
man did you see that girl she so Alanis
by theguywithoutachance January 10, 2012
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A beautiful girl who has a great personality and is very energetic. She is very quiet but once you get to know her, she is absolutely crazy. She is very funny, sweet, bubbly, and artistic. She keeps her friends to a limit and has a lot of acquaintances. She WILL speak her mind and don't make her lose her temper!
"Damnn, Alani is looking good!"
"I wish I was Alani, she is so awesome!"
by That Guy Next Door September 20, 2015
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Alani is a very gorgeous girl , that only keeps a few friends. She doesn't really like having a lot of friends because thats more people to tell stuff to. Alani just has a lot of acquaintances. She loves to party & have a good time. She honestly does not care what people think abut her & if they judge her. She can be a pretty out going girl & she WILL speak her mind.
Alani just told me off.
OMG look at that Alani. She's so gorgeous.
She seems like an Alani, keeps her friends to a minimum.
by truochiyardie January 15, 2011
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Alani is the real definition of true beauty.

They may have there flaws but there really kick ass girls. Jamaican ones are the best ones to be friends with an hang around. Also they make great girlfriends. They may come off as shy at first but you just need to introduce yourself and get to no them. BTW they hate shit talkers, hoes, whores, fakes, and dumbass niggas that try them.
awww look at that alani...isn't she so cute an adorable?
Damn that lani fine as hell
niggas alays fighting over alani
by sexxyqall January 04, 2010
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the most amazing, nicest, caring, happy, bubbly, energetic, loud, creative,smart awesome person in the entire world everyone is friends with alanis, she has no enemies fun loving and an extrovert.
i wish i could be like alanis
by lollipopsandrainbows April 22, 2011
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Beautiful, Confident, and all around fun Alani is the type of person people confide in when there down but don't be fooled by Alani's looks she's as nosy as nosy gets but doesn't like confrontation and you can't help but fall in love with her personality because she truly is a gift from heaven.
Wilmary: Your so awesome Alani!
Jada: You really get me sometimes girl.l
Hunter: I hate you but I can't help loving you
by Love4Eva August 30, 2016
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A girl, usually quite short and gets quite offended/defensive easily. Has nice eyes, big lips, usually from a black origin. Freckles are common, too and dark hair. However, pale skin usually. Has lots of money but not many friends, however is very close and loyal to the few that she has. Moves places (for example schools, homes, cities) quite frequently and misses the people that she left behind. Never forgets anybody. However, trouble follows wherever she goes but she can't help it that everybody around her is a bitch!
"Look at that girl on the bus!"
"Look at how short her skirt is, she must be an Alanis!"
by Tatianna.x.x.x June 23, 2017
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