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The new slang for "stretch marks".
I have an animal instinct so bad that I wouldn't mind having sex with a woman with stretch marks because to me their like tiger stripes.
by SouloCutz September 22, 2008

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A Brief History On SouloCutz

SouloCutz is an American rapper from Brooklyn, New York. He started his rap concentration in 1995 around the time his mother, a former radio personality known as Yo' Girl DL previously on the WIIZ 97.9, became popular on the local airwaves in the CSRA area of South Carolina and Georgia. In 1998, he affiliated himself with a former rap group at his high school called Tha RIP Klique. After graduating in 1999, the group split up. He then enrolled into Benedict College where he performed in 2 talent shows and teamed up with a friend rapper who was known on campus as Bizzy. He, Bizzy, along with their squad called Tha Ill Squad were featured in The Source Magazine (March 2000) on page 232 with Ghostface Killa and The Rza on the cover. SouloCutz has not released any of his albums listed, but he does have them online for listeners to enjoy.

1998..S TRAGEDY 99,
2000..S LILD NOYZ,
2003..S D.EVIL SE (2ND EDITION).....

SouloCutz created the record label Holjafiya Entertainment in 2006 which was originally his idea since 1995. He also began producing his own tracks as well as others that year. In 2008, SouloCutz began his acting career, starring in the independent film, Eerie Lane, directed by Carmen Castro.
I saw SouloCutz perform at the Wachovia Center last year.
by SouloCutz July 10, 2008

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One who has a snitch addiction and really needs to be dealt with immediately.
Joey the Snitchaholic just can't stop snitching so much it's a shame.
by SouloCutz March 21, 2010

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This is when it starts getting colder and guys prefer looking for thicker women to cuddle up with and stay warm than the skinnier woman they looked for in the Summertime. This usually occurs during the late Fall and all Winter months.
It's Big Girl Season, where da big girls at?
by SouloCutz October 24, 2010

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Muscular and a little chubby at the same time.
After not working out for a while, muscle-bound men who drink a lot and don't eat healthy will soon become chubscular over a period of time.
by SouloCutz March 24, 2010

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A very funny punchline of a sexual joke.
Hey, shorty, do you play video games? No? Awe man, I was gonna ask you if you wanted to come over and play with my Nintendo Wii Wii...
by SouloCutz April 26, 2009

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