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when michael slevin gives you a blumpkin
I just got done with my schlumpkin
by Snoop Dog August 14, 2004
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an idiot, originates from sybermoms.
That woman was a cousin humper for smacking her kid in the face
by snoop dog March 01, 2005
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Posts pictures of herself engaged in "adult relations" with very um,"well-fed" people who like it so much they forget to take their socks off.
Ewwww! Don't post Sabs pron on this board.
by snoop dog March 04, 2005
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a organisation of 3 people consisting of the commander, god father and the hero of slugs. Thier is also a king slug. The motto "do not mess with the best because the best do not mess.

"they are the people"
king slug "unknown"
commander "neil lovell"
godfather "david gourley"
national hero "andy graham"

snails do not count
by snoop dog June 01, 2004
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whats ur number
hey bay wuts crackalackin
by SNOOP DOG July 14, 2003
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