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Is a phrase used by (and sometimes used to mock) gamers who think they are an oppressed minority.
My mother forced me to turn off my video games because she needed help with the grocery shopping. This is the kind of society we live in. Gamers rise up!
by smart korean September 17, 2018
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A Cnile is someone who obsessively uses the C programming language (sometimes C++ as well) and dismisses any other languages. Cniles will get offended if you even slightly imply that they should learn or use a new language. If you wanna make them really angry, suggest them the possibility of the C language getting replaced in the future by a newer and better language.
Coder 1: I'm gonna learn the Rust programming language.
Coder 2: No, don't use Rust! C is all you need!
Coder 1: Shut up Cnile.
by smart korean July 21, 2021
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The anime board of 4chan. The place you go to if you don't want to discuss anime.
I made a long, well elaborated thread about Serial Experiments Lain on /a/ and it only got 5 replies, then, I made a thread where I simply posted a loli and said "do you like flat chests?". The thread made it way past the bump limit.
by smart korean April 08, 2018
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In short, they are gen z's version of the emos. Both are 15 to 20 year old depressed white kids, they both wear edgy looking clothes (though emo is more punk where as sad boy is more basket case), the main thing that separates a sad boy from an emo is their taste in music. Emos listen to edgy rock and screamo music, where as sad boys listen to experimental cloud rap and vaporwave.
There's a sad boy in my school who always sits alone at recess while looking at memes on his phone and listening to yung lean.
by smart korean August 10, 2018
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The sound something makes when it sucks. It could be the wind, a black hole, a vacuum cleaner, Sonybro's rotor blade anus, ect.
Person 1: Is that a switch?

Person 2: Yeah

Person 1: *thunk*

Person 2: Oh no... NOT AGAIN!

Person 1: *dab*


by smart korean April 19, 2018
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