C/C++ Programming language fanboy. Cniles code exclusively in C/C++ and refuse to even try anything else. Examples of Cniles include Linus Torvalds and Theo de Raadt.
Cnile: Rust lang sucks!
Rust programmer: And your language sucks harder!
Cnile: Memory unsafety is caused by amateur mistakes only. Rust is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.
Rust programmer: Says the beginner who only has coded fizzbuzz in C.

Cnile: Oops, my yes program segfaulted again! I forgot to allocate memory for the new string.
Rust programmer: Fortunately my Rust version of your program has 70% less LOC, does everything your program does, and never segfaults.
Cnile: Enjoy your abstracted black box.
by Chexier October 8, 2020
A Cnile is someone who obsessively uses the C programming language (sometimes C++ as well) and dismisses any other languages. Cniles will get offended if you even slightly imply that they should learn or use a new language. If you wanna make them really angry, suggest them the possibility of the C language getting replaced in the future by a newer and better language.
Coder 1: I'm gonna learn the Rust programming language.
Coder 2: No, don't use Rust! C is all you need!
Coder 1: Shut up Cnile.
by smart korean July 21, 2021