he drinks codeine for highs, must be yung lean!
by inferiorism February 26, 2015
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Some Swedish rapper. If some random ass kid tells you to listen to him, dont trust him. He'll screw you over. Then leave you with nothing, not even as little as a text back. Don't trust this male, he is a coward.
Guy: Listen to Yung lean, he's great
Girl: okay.
-months later-
Girl: *regrets*
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Yung lean is when you're playing soccer and you accidently find your grandmothers ashes
Damn bro i dont understand how you did that Yung lean
by mr pp under the streets March 2, 2022
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Hating a song at first, but bumping it 24/7 a week later
Guy 1: Dude I fucking hate that new yung lean song
Guy 2: Don't worry, the yung lean affect will kick in and you'll love it
Guy 1: Oh maybe you're right
by WillyCubed August 18, 2016
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