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'A woman of consequence', apparently this has Scottish & English roots. Should be capitalized in this use. Sometimes used by opponents of Hillary Clinton to denigrate her positions, feeling that her imperious air deserves to be pointed out.
'Herself said today that she was not aware who started the rumors about Senator Barack Hussein Obama.'
by slickwillie March 01, 2007
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Also spelled 'Hildebeest'. The name was logically derived from the African animal the wildebeest. There is also a comic book superhero called the Wildebeest.
The Hildebeast today said that she was unaware of any illicit relationship between President Bill Clinton and _.
by slickwillie March 01, 2007
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A process of eliminating someone that is a political liability, by murdering them, or arranging their death somehow. Named after Vince Foster, Deputy White House Counsel during the first term of President Bill Clinton; Foster died suspiciously in office, July 20, 1993.
If Sandy Berger ever turns state's evidence in the case of his theft of documents from the Federal Archive, he may have to be Fosterized.
by slickwillie March 02, 2007
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