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Bureau of Land Management ( people with short pants )
Yogi Bearr & Bo-bo's ranger watch ! BLM close public lands so Mr. ranger can keep city people from walking around dah woods.
by sinbad_duke_of_east_los April 28, 2007
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Swing low, sweet chariot song of Gandy Dancers
Mississippi Gandy Dancer takes teamwork cus they move heavy metal. Yo Doggs we gots Gandy Dancers in Los Angeles cus we move to dah heavy metal blues man..
by sinbad_duke_of_east_los April 29, 2007
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green 10 oz tin can used for chapped conditions & treatment of irritated breasts.
For many years Bag Balm has been a girls best friend. I always take a can to Huntington Beach & give my girl friend a good bag balm rub mixed with sun tan oil !!! Love
by sinbad_duke_of_east_los March 25, 2007
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one way to keep track of love making.
When we have sex my girl puts one bean into a jar. The jar is called bean jar sex.
( most jars = 1,000 beans ) It takes about 3 ker jars to make one baby!!!
by sinbad_duke_of_east_los March 21, 2007
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Records and Identification Sheriff's & Police dept every large city...
LAPD Rampart Division R&I is where U go when busted, Mug shot, pat down, short arm documentation. In R&I they use 3 sticks china short, english average, african long !!!
by sinbad_duke_of_east_los March 20, 2007
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big hips ( lower set of love handles )
Man bellflower babes have fender thighs honches . They eat more taco's than all chicks in Downey,Bell,lynwood,pico rivera and Cerritos. Now that's a lot of tacos. hine
by sinbad_duke_of_east_los March 26, 2007
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California pile of junk now a National Historic Landmark
Gona check out watts tower cuz isa got ghz. U Knows what Isa mean.
by sinbad_duke_of_east_los March 20, 2007
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