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a friend that you are so close to that you would consider them family. even your own family would consider them part of your family. framily stick together through thick and thin.
"my mom loves jessica, we consider her family"
"you mean, framily"
"yeah, that's the word"
by simp for you June 21, 2020
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granola girls, but sluttier. they like hiking and biking and nature, but wear short-shorts and crop tops. they eat natural foods because it’s good for you but also to keep that figure slim. most likely accompanied by a granola boy, whom they are probably dating, or have known since their very first year in summer camp. granola hoes don’t wear a lot of makeup, they are naturally really pretty, and a lot of boys find them attractive. they own hydroflasks with stickers from places they have hiked at, and tie friendship bracelets to the lids of them. they also use kanken backpacks in a pastel shade, and own either the green or purple iphone 11. granola hoes are usually found on trails, which are their natural habitat. catch one if you can.
bro check out that chick, she’s hot”
“she gives total granola hoe vibes
by simp for you June 21, 2020
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when something happens and it’s too bad to just call is awkward. it’s guacward. and no it’s not because i had mexican food for dinner. or not because i have an extreme fetish towards avocados.

like when you’re best friend’s ex walks into the store you work at with another girl. guacward! also because it just sounds better and rolls of the tongue. awkward sounds like you’re an “awkward preteen” that doesn’t know how to act in front of her friends. guacward makes your awkward encounters a little more, well, fun. i guess that’s the word. and it’s fun to say.
“omg i just caught andy and tiff making out in the stairwell

by simp for you June 21, 2020
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you know that weird black star symbol on your keyboard? or is it a flower? who cares. anyways, asterisks are usually used in bad words to cancel out the vowels such as “f*ck” or “sh*t”

so instead of using a bad word, why not just call someone an asterisk? they will most likely not know what you are talking about, but you will since you’re reading this post right now. when someone pisses you off, call them an asterisk. or text them one. * haha see what i did there
god he’s such an asterisk!”

“what are you talking about?”
by simp for you June 21, 2020
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you probably know a few flower girls. they’re the in between hybrid of a vsco girl and a hippie. they thrift almost every piece of clothing they own, because “sustainability” and shit. they’re probably vegan, if not vegetarian, and meal prep their lunches for the week every sunday night. they love flowers, especially pastel coloured ones because they “match their outfits better”. they pretend to love the outdoors by posting lots of pictures by trees and grass, but secretly hate it. they only like indoor plants and things that don’t require touching dirt. they definitely go to farmers markets and bizarres on the weekend to support local shops and farmers. only buys organic fruits and vegetables. or grows their own. you can easily distinguish a flower girl from the crowd by looking for white sneakers, dainty jewelry, and any article of clothing with a butterfly on it.
“that girl over there is such a flower girl”
“how can you tell?”
“do you see her air force 1’s?”
by simp for you June 21, 2020
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the best(and whitest) guy you will ever meet. everyone loves him. zach’s come off as players but really they are the softest kind of guys around. do not get me wrong, they will still act all manly around their friends, but they are a completely different person on the inside. they may seem like a frat boy, but they would much rather stay in and cuddle than go out. they are the perfect balance of party animal and chill. although they are very smart, they tend to be incredibly modest and don’t want to admit to it all the time. once they meet the one they want, there will be no going back for them or you. they flirt in subtle ways, but charming enough to get you interested. once they want to pursue you, they won’t stop until you fall for them too. the best things about zach’s are that they are not afraid to get down with you or your friends. he isn’t embarrassed easily, and is super fun when he is drunk(white girl karaoke). if zach is your boyfriend, he will spoil you, both in kisses and things you love. he is the softest boyfriend you will ever have, both inside and out. if you are lucky enough to have a zach in your life, hold onto them, although it might be hard for you to shake them off anyways even if you wanted to.
“damn that boy has the nicest ass i’ve ever seen !”
“he must be a zach”
by simp for you December 15, 2021
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a casual almost dating kind of relationship. happens in the warm months of may-september when school is out! usually happens within summer workplaces where students hookup with each other all summer before going back to school in the fall. similar to friends with benefits, except these usually only last a couple of months before they come to an end due to the couple splitting off back to reality.
“omg did you and danny hook up all summer? where is he now?”
“he’s at college now. but he said he’ll come back to work again next summer. what a summer fling that was!”
by simp for you July 2, 2020
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