9 definition by shooooteh

Banging a number of females in close and rapid succusion.
Man, i need to get tested this week, i was chainbanging last weekend, i banged like 4 girls.
by shooooteh February 04, 2005

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Verb - When you flatulate or 'fart' and laugh simultanously. The technique can be used to either cover up the sound of tearing ass by means of a laugh, however quite often the laugh or flatulance are often reciprocatory, that is either one often times will cause the onset of the other.
faughed, fauging, faugher
You ever been in a meeting with Bob after lunch, he's a serial faugher.
Man, did you catch when bob faughed during that presentation, he didnt fool me.
by shooooteh November 10, 2004

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