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From Chapelle Show:
To masturbate while you hands are numb, to give the sensation that someone else is pleasuring you.
Dave Chapelle as Lil' John: Sometimes i like to sit on my hand until it gets numb and then masturbate. I call it the stranger.
by sensei May 04, 2004

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baka ka is the japanese word for 'asshole' (not the part, the insult)
when baka is used by itself, it becomes 'idiot'.
someone is being a jerk, call him an asshole. say "baka ka!"
by sensei April 19, 2004

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the pubic hair on a woman's cooch or man's nuts which make it look like a patch of grass
that woman has too much grass on the field and needs to shave it
by sensei September 09, 2003

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a big, fat HOMO
After Mike hit that last night, he's switched sides and is playing for the other team now.
by sensei October 12, 2003

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