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Rolling On Floor Laughing

laughing more than simply LOL
used on its own normally.

rofl :)
by Semajal October 29, 2002
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One of the funniest comics online. Just visit www.reallifecomics.com.
by Semajal June 11, 2003
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1. An incredible song by muse

2. Enjoyment caused by listening to the song of the same name.
Im in Bliss from Bliss
by Semajal September 16, 2003
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Like photons make up light, m00ons make up cows.

A cow is not "matter" in the conventional sense but, rather, a collection of m00ons. Bet ya didn't know that :p

The whole eating grass thing is a front, cows know that if humans found out they really use a simple form of nuclear fusion they would all be experimented on (rather than say, killed and eaten)

The byproducts of the reaction going on inside the cow are "milk" and "shit"

Cows eat grass but secretly throw it up at night. Grass does not taste good.

Thou shalt love thy cow lest it explode in a ball of fire.
See that cow?

its really just a collection of m00ons
by semajal February 10, 2004
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Swear word used by Agnus Nitt of the Discworld books.
oh poot i have no idea what to do.
by Semajal June 11, 2003
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Thick Ropey Loads

TRL was a phrase coined by Shadowhunta (of the MPUK community) about 2 years ago in channel #MPUK

Simply, another way of describing semen.

Not really used as a sexual term, used because it sounds funny.
random person yells - THICK ROPEY LOADS! or simple, TRL.
by Semajal January 16, 2005
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