Article reflecting official faggy opinions of a magazine or any official statement that:

1- Holds a faggy position on an important subject OR a strong position on a faggy subject
2- Is a stroke job aimed at impressing or pleasing a particular faggy audience rather than expressing true views.
3- Is held by a faggot
by selfimportantsht January 16, 2016
Having to do with a homosexual nature.
The way you looked at his cock was faggotory
by JewBillee August 18, 2007
A group of imbecile hicks that have nothing better to do with their time than to fuck off all day in a sausagefest like manner.
In the Faggotory group message ;
Randy: Nay, fiery foods to me is to fisting to your ladies Murray. Not for everybody, but I find it enjoyable.
Adam: I wanna add hot sauce to my fist and stuff it in my ol lady next time she acts up
Watkins: call it the Texas Sneaky Pete.
by Sneakytexaspete January 24, 2019
Instead of using the word faggot you can use the word faggotory. Use it when someone does something gay or fruity
James: Hey daddy ;)
David: Ay yo stfu you faggotory bitch ass nigga.
by A bored black teen. April 1, 2020
A crime where a man is charged with having sex with a male child under the age of 18 (with or without consent).
Pit: Yo dude, did you hear about our teacher Mr. Marv?
Dit: No man, what happened?
Pit: It was the front headline of the newspaper this morning. He's serving five years in jail for faggotory rape.
Dit: I always knew he was messed up.
by Legit.Shit. May 30, 2010
The act of logging on to the lads club modded minecraft server.
Jim: Hey, have you logged on to the cool lads club server yet?
Jack: Ew, why would you log on to that. Its faggotorial behaviour!
Jim: what do you mean?
Jack: Fag.
by $$$?1 February 14, 2021
Two Males that think it's okay to Date together and try to have babies.
"Michai and Willy are suffering from Faggotory Syndrome"
by MAGAWillrise September 3, 2017