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An illusion of fear created by democrats to make liberal policies come to

Global warming- Scientists say October 2009 was coldest on record in North

America. However, Al Gore go to the UN during a blizzard wanting to save trees

so he uses the global warming card as a liberal ploy.

Swine flu- The democrats are making swine flu seem like a larger international

crisis than the black plague. No more deaths will come of swine flu than regular

flu. In spring 2010, liberals will use swine flu as a success story in a liberal

ploy for universal health care.

2009 Stimulus package- Obama wanted to reinvest in the economy through

infrastructure and jobs. However he invested in millions in saving animals in

California (Pelosi country). What a liberal ploy.
by seanbmoredudeyeahbuddy November 19, 2009
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A steroid raging jerk who takes all the 45 pound plates at the gym leaving only 35 and 25 pound plates for everyone else. These tank top wearing, slightly over-weight, ego driven plate hogging jerks typically try to lift 450 pounds (improperly) while breathing heavy and moaning to get the attention of girls who laugh at them. These creatures may or may not be Italian guidos much like those seen on jersey shore.
I wanted to lift today but some plate hog had all the 45 pound plates so I had to wait.

Uh oh, there are a bunch of Italian guidos at the gym today. Plate hog alert!
by seanbmoredudeyeahbuddy December 2, 2010
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A funny play on words referring to Tiger Woods and his thanksgiving wife cheating car crash fiasco.
Person one: Hey, is that Tiger Woods with that hot woman?
Person two: Yeah but that's not his wife Elin Nordegren
Person one: Guess we should call him cheetah woods
by seanbmoredudeyeahbuddy December 4, 2009
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Hype given to a president to the point that people worship him before he takes one step into the white house
cbs will not shut up about that prequelesident obama
by seanbmoredudeyeahbuddy January 10, 2009
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Police helicopter. Popocopter is a much funnier way to say police helicopter. Popocopters tend to hover over the ghetto crime ridden neighborhoods to chase down criminals on the run.
Lock the doors and turn out the lights honey, popocopter is hoovering again. Must be another armed robbery at the 7-11.
by seanbmoredudeyeahbuddy November 12, 2015
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A fart that will not come out when you are ready to let it go
I was holding in some big ones at work. When I went to the bathroom, I had stage fart.
by seanbmoredudeyeahbuddy March 5, 2009
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