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The loluminati (etym. plural of Latin loluminatus, "Laugh-out-loud-enlightened") is an elite group of powerful comedians that seek to control the world’s supply of humor. They originally formed as a splinter group from the Bavarian “Illuminati”, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded in 1776, which was dedicated to the systematic and stealthy conquest of nations, one by one, and ultimately the entire world. The loluminati parted ways with the illuminati over the issue of the best way to ensure a harmonious enlightened society; with the later advocating political power and the former humor, absurdity, and basic silliness.

The loluminati have been particularly successful in orchestrating free speech activities throughout history, mainly aimed at ensuring that their hordes of caricaturists and other political comedians could thrive. While most loluminati activities have been generally regarded as positive by most of society, the group remains elite and secretive and occasionally supports what some describe as unseemly or even dark humor; some examples being - boy-bands, the election of George W. Bush, and soap operas.
-Man, how did that guy get famous?
-I don't know. I suspect the loluminati.
by Scott Trowbridge August 05, 2008
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