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dirty, greasy, bloated, scuzzy, filthy.

from the town of nailsea, bristol, which is described well by all the words above.
it's all nailsea up in this bitch!
by scotch egg June 29, 2004

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not a particularly nice town; typical seaside resort of days-gone-by. immense amounts of old people, a pier which frequently collapses and a beach on which if you steal pebbles you get taken to court are just some of it's attractions!

on the other hand, it's nicer than nailsea, and the houses on top of the hill over looking the severn are beautiful.
"lets go to clevedon"
"for what?"
"to hit golf balls at the boats"
by scotch egg April 19, 2005

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really really really boring work, causing mind numbness. requires absolutely no brain power, just eyes and arms.
"greg, can you stop indexing and blast some files please"
by scotch egg March 22, 2005

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the act of thinking of (or popping up) previous sexual encounters while masturbating
i had a fuckin' great blast from the past last night man...cherie appeared in my head, you know the time in the pinewoods!
by scotch egg January 05, 2005

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