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where twat townies come up to a person and slap them whilst one of their mates record it on a cam fone
There is, however, a reversal but u gotta get your timin right (u can see wen its gonna happen cos a chav will be walkin fairly quickly to you and close by someone will have a fone out aimin roughly in ur direction. when he brings his hand up hes vulnerable, and then you slap him, AS HARD AS POSSIBLE!!! then run off give em the finger if you want just to add effect
(3 times out of four ive pulled this one)
some chav tried to happy slap me
yeah but i got him first
by schmuckman February 23, 2005
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the heartagram is the sign of the great band HIM, the design itself came from ville playing round with the logo of an independent hospital chain in finland, the thing ended out as a penta-hearta thang and then it was tweaked a bit to make the heartagram, although it wasnt until later in the bands life that it was realised that there needed to be a circle round it like with a pentagram
by schmuckman February 23, 2005
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honeycombing is the act of cumming into the pubic hair of a partner and then "combing" it out with your teeth
"hey baby wil you honeycomb me tonite"
"no way get lost wierdo"
by schmuckman January 8, 2005
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the disturbing act of scratching the inside of the vagina or ass during fisting
this crazy girl came up to me last night and asked me to bear claw her
by schmuckman January 7, 2005
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Alternate term for townie coming from the sound made by the music played in their stupid cars at a stupidly loud volume. Townies hate it.
(cool people standing across street from townies)
<cool person 1> "OI UNTZ!"
<cool person 2> does pisstake beatbox "untz untz untz untz"
by schmuckman January 8, 2005
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stupid insult used by dumass stoner townies when challenged by anyone
<cool person 1>"look at that dumass townie"
<cool person 2>"yeah what a kev"
<cool people> "OI UNTZ!"
<townie> Yeah i did ur mum last night she was well fat and crap.
<cool people> oh arnt we original
<townie> aaaaha ur mum
by schmuckman January 8, 2005
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