A heartagram is first and foremost the signature symbol for HIM (His Infernal Majesty). Despite what many people think, Bam Margera did NOT come up with the heartagram. Ville Valo, the lead of HIM, gave Bam personal permission to use it because, aside of television, they're fairly close friends. Also, the heartagram is absolutely NOT satanic. The creator of the heartagram itself (Ville)says that it is 'the 21st century yin and yang'. It's both a heart and a pentagram. The pentagram symbolizes anger, hate, all the dark, depressing things in some peoples' daily lives that not many seem to want to address. The heart is love and light, the perfect balance to the inverted pentagram. In my personal opinion, the heartagram is an amazing symbol to an awesome band.
How can I give an example to show something with such a simple concept...just a heartagram...that, if I do say so myself, is fairly well-explained???
by The Crimson Kiss May 23, 2009
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Usually seen on Viva La Bam, the heartagram was NOT created by Bam. He simply displays it to show his love for the band, HIM. Ville Valo, lead singer of the Finnish band, created the heartagram. Like everyone else says, the heartagram is a combination of a heart and pentagram, hence the name, HEARTAGRAM. To all of you dumbasses that think it's a heart and triangle, if it were, it would be called a heartangle. The heartagram represents love and hate.
by Courtney May 26, 2004
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the juxtaposition of love/hate, life/death, heaven/hell. As Ville Valo says it is like a Yin and Yang symbol for the Western World.

Also the symbol for the band HIM
The Heartagram is on the cover of HIM's Love Metal Album.
by AZ Poison Girl September 30, 2009
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Ville Valo (lead singer for HIM) thought of this symbol for him band. It is a combination of a pentagram and and a heart. The pentagram resembles death and/or evil. The heart stands for love and/or good. Ville describes it as a kind of yin-yang. Which is a common theme with the bands names of their albums.
The heartagram shows the relationship between love and hate/death.
by Layne LoMaglio March 29, 2004
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a Symbol which repersents Heaven and hell, light and darkness, love and hate etc. some people mistake it as a satanist symbol, but it is not.
by wind scar April 14, 2005
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1. A symbol, defining the balance between good and evil, and life and death. A mixure of the pentagram and heart.
2. A symbol, created by Ville Valo, the lead singer of the finnish rock band, HIM. He defines it as a sort of ying-yang, for the love stricken powers of life.
3. Logo for the finish rock band, HIM. Also used by Bam Margera to show his love for the band.
by Spogie May 26, 2006
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The Heartagram is a symbol meaning Love Metal. It was made by the band H.I.M. or His Infernal Majesty. It is a mix of a pentagram, symbolizing metal music, and a heart, symbolizing love. This logo has nothing to do with Bam Margera, he just likes the band H.I.M. and uses their logo on his clothing and TV show.
Heart (love) + Pentagram (metal) = Heartagram (love metal)
by Brendan aka Benj November 21, 2004
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