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The accidental male to male contact which happens during double penetration
"Dude, what just happened there"
"I don't know man all I know is that we were fucking the shit out of her and we got locked into a French Handshake"
"I'm going to have to scrub my nuts for an hour after you did that bag work on me"
"I'm not worried about that so much as the eye contact...Bro never make eye contact!!!!
by samweis July 08, 2010
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When engaged in a sexual act your condom slides off and you are forced to manually extract it from your partner (see hogging @ deep six)
lose you bait
Me: "Oh shit you won't believe it man, I was fucking Amy the other night and right after I busted I lose my bait"
Friend: "Dude! you "lost your bait" Sounds like you need to go aquaman on her ass"
Me:"Dude, You know I was hogging that shit for like a half hour"
by samweis January 10, 2009
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the sound' when a complete-drunk either walks into a pole, wall, or parked car, and/or falls directly on his/her face when falling down.
As i was people watching along the boardwalk in Mission Beach, this completely drunk broad was walking and not watching where she was goin... ran right into a street sign, face first, then stumbled back n fell right on her face... 'plarmf' .
by samweis January 17, 2013
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Any yard work performed with the promise of oral sex as compensation
Joe: "How much did you earn doing yard work today son"
Billy: "Only $20, but I was orally abused by the lady in the house down at the end of the street."
Joe: "Ah, nothing like the summer mow-job"
by samweis August 23, 2011
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When you have to have a bowel movement soo bad that the shit is actually crowning out of your anus leaving a stain on your underwear
"Dude I have to shit soo bad I'm tapping cloth, if I wait much longer I'm going to be wearing the funny pants"
by samweis May 26, 2013
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The act of manually removing a used condom from a partners oraface
I ended up hogging her pussy after my condom fell off
by samweis January 10, 2009
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