16 definition by s..a..r..a the drummer girl

When someone is obsessed with Mike Patton, his music and his voice.
I am a Pattonophile.

There is a certain amount of Pattonophilia going on with me at the moment.
by S..A..R..A the drummer girl July 30, 2006

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If done properly, can accentuate the eyes. Eyeliner is commonly worn amongst girls but these days, boys have been seen to be wearing it too. Most boys look nice with eyeliner on (see Billie Joe Armstrong and Matt Skiba) but up until recently 'emo' boys have started wearing it and they look like idiots.
1. 'Smoky eyes' is the new thing to to with your eyeliner ladies!
2. Some guys look pretty hot with eyeliner on. Its great that they don't give a shit if scallies call them gay.
3. Wow, look at Matt Skiba and Billie Joe Armstrong. They look really nice with eyeliner on!
4. You 'emo' boys look absolutely fucking ridiculous with girl pants and heavy eyeliner on.
by S..A..R..A the drummer girl July 11, 2006

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Horrible little creatures from 'God' (if there is one). Retarded people think they're cute. What's so cute about a little machine that cries, pisses and shits everywhere?

They're also the cause of suicide. See post-natal depression.
I'm never going to have a baby. I want a life thank you very much.
by S..A..R..A the drummer girl July 21, 2006

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A waste of time. No seriously, why would you want to follow the latest trends? You waste your hard earned money on something that's 'in' and then when it's out...well let's just say you're in deep shit!

I hate people who follow fashion. They're all close minded, dumb retards. I'll see you in hell...
People who follow fashion are retards. Enough said.
by S..A..R..A the drummer girl July 21, 2006

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1. Radioactive Man's sidekick on 'The Simpsons'. Directors came to Springfield looking for a new Fall Out Boy for their latest 'Radioactive Man' film. Milhouse was cast much to his dismay.
2. God-awful emo band. Members are Joe Trohman, Andy Hurley, Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump (Oh crap, I know their names!). If they weren't good enough, Pete Wentz has signed crappy bands like Panic! At The Disco to his record label. Rock music is dead.
1. "Watch out, Radioactive Man!" - Bart Simpson.
2. Fall Out Boy killed rock music. The bastards.
by S..A..R..A the drummer girl July 12, 2006

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I'm too quick to judge. I used to think AVA sucked because:
a) I was told they only had a few good songs
b) Tom DeLonge won't shut the fuck up about 'Finding God' and all that religious crap.
But I was told to give them a listen and now I love them. I am such a hypocrite!
Angels and Airwaves's songs are lengthier than any other Blink 182 song you may have heard and there's no songs about fucking dogs in the ass. These songs actually have a serious message in them.
The downside is that Tom DeLonge thinks he can change the world. As much as I like him, that's a pretty scary thought. He also thinks that the songs on 'We Don't Need to Whisper' will 'change your life'. Not true. Of course there are a couple of nice, uplifting songs that make you feel good but they won't change your life. Ever.
1. 'The Adventure' was Angels and Airwaves first single. Coming from the guy who used to be in 'the naked band', it's pretty impressive.

2. Angels and Airwaves are good but I miss Blink 182. I hope they get back together soon.

3. Tom DeLonge - "I believe I can change the world"
Me - Nobody can change the world. It's already fucked up. Please just stick to playing guitar and singing!
(What I would say if I heard him say that)
by S..A..R..A the drummer girl July 09, 2006

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Some are probably nice but I've already stereotyped them as 'pretentious'. Sorry.
I knew some metalhead at school who was quite pretentious. Not a very nice fella, I found out he had issues. He'd always make fun of your music taste if it didn't match his. Twat.
by S..A..R..A the drummer girl July 12, 2006

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