86 definitions by robbie

one who is born from its mothers ass

A.K.A. assbaby
dude i bet you that kid is an analspawn
by Robbie January 07, 2004
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italian name meaning " royal silver"
Antonio bought Melissa an argento ring to shop how deep his love for her was.
by Robbie July 04, 2003
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Happy little Chinese girl that aspires to be a ninja. Often seen with Robbies.
Hey look, it's Tingting, and she has Robbie on a leash!
by Robbie April 10, 2005
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Used when one is shitfaced and trying to talk to a friend, for example shithead.
Hey chucko, heard you stayed in last night you little cum drip.
by Robbie October 21, 2004
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german gibberish (doesn't mean anything)
blaska vonta be flookinhimer! <--(only gibberish)
by Robbie June 03, 2004
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a homosexual, mother f%$#ing, Homeless person.
that guy is no hobo, he is a hobomofo
by Robbie June 03, 2004
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A term gargled out in amidst suspense
Billy: dude! did you see that guys head...it got chopped off!

Tim: bleemahndi!
by Robbie July 24, 2004
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