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Green Lake is a lake situated in Rotorua, New Zealand, resting between Blue Lake, and Lake Tawarewa. The Maori name for the lake is Lake Rotokakahi.

Another alternative name for Green Lake is the 'Lagua del Theviere', or translated literally into the 'Lake of Thieves'. This name was given by the Spanish explorer, Pedro Martinez III in 1812, who named it after the Maori people, who are essentially thieves, burglars, and robbers.

Currently, taxpayers are not allowed easy access to Green Lake because of the Maoris. However this is not a major problem as access would cause victimisation to the taxpayer, by way of theft, robbery, rape, graffiti and whinging about Tangater Fenua.
"Hey, I went down to the Lagua del Theviere the other day"

"The Green Lake?"

"Yes, hence why I have no shoes, empty pockets and a black eye"
by Refreshment Boxx April 03, 2010

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A cable is a long piece of faeces which is partially ejected from the anus.

Generally, the rule is that a cable must be of such length that is is touching the water whilst still coming out of the anus. (This is prevalent in toilets which only fill the lower faecal cavity with water, not half fill like in the Unites States).

After defecation, the toilet may require several flushes to allow for the process of hydraulic action to break down your massive monolith and remove it from the bowl.
"Move out my way, I'm killing for a cable."

"Damn, I had to flush the toilet five times to try and get that cable down."
by Refreshment Boxx April 03, 2010

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pronoun. - A derogatory name used for theft.

See negrodian
Felakhi gave me the negrodian slip on my sunglasses.
by Refreshment Boxx April 03, 2010

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A cabre is a full piece of faeces, that is generally short and thick.

Often, one will find tremendously wide turd lying at the bottom of the bowl. This sometimes is the result of the grogan soaking up the surrounding water.

A cabre is on the other side of the spectrum to a cable.
Oh ouch, that cabre must have hurt somebody's ass!

I took a dump and it wouldn't flush, so I found a stick to break the massive cabre up.
by Refreshment Boxx April 01, 2010

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Old fashioned word for Negro, or Negroid.

Estimated to be pre- 200AD.
"Hear ye, hear ye, thy introduce the lions versus the Negrolytes"
by Refreshment Boxx April 04, 2010

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n. Name for a person standing in a toilet cubicle and taking it so hard up the sphincter that the pleasure they endure causes them to bite down on the windowsill in front.

Often refers to homosexual males, much like pillow biter, it can also refer to any person where the server is going in dry.
"Dave is such a sill chewer, he minces around town in a boob tube"

"What are you looking at sill chewer!"
by Refreshment Boxx April 03, 2010

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- noun, plural: -ties

1. The state or quality of being in conformity with Negroid sub-species.

2. Attachment to or observance of Negroid characteristics.

3. Usually, negralities. A duty or obligation imposed by Negroid characteristics.
"The negrality of that gentleman is a cause of great concern."

"The negrality of that person is supposedly Zulu."
by Refreshment Boxx April 01, 2010

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