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A girl/boy who is starting their 'slut' reputation out at a younger age. Often times a High school slut has awkward sex with many girls/guys. They don't really mind doing it in the playground next to the school, the men's restroom, the janitors closet, and many other places. High school sluts have 0% Self Respect for themselves and 0% for the person they are doing it with. It's just a win win situation for a High school slut.
Jimmy- "I saw that High school slut in the men's bathroom during 2nd hour today."
Casey- "Really man? Damn.... I wonder if she gives good head."
Jimmy- "Common man she's a Freshman she's just a High school slut!"
by rawrkitten101 April 2, 2015
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In this generation where girls begin to think there is a certain way to do Eyebrows.
These 'Flawless' eyebrows usually look like Megan Fox's, Beyonce's and many other celebrities.

When really some of those who think their 'Eyebrows are on Fleek' just shaved off parts of
their eyebrows to make them look better.
Ali- "Those eyebrows on fleek Carla!"
Carla- "Well I sure hope so. I shaved the sides and most of my eyebrow off. At least they on
FLEEK doe!"
by rawrkitten101 April 2, 2015
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Younger girls often date older men who are in college. Often times they believe their college boyfriend's are 'MEN' and don't act like little 'BOYS' when in reality college boyfriend's are BOYS looking to take V Cards from younger girls in High School.
"Last time I went to see my College Boyfriend, only to realize he was with Alison that weird virgin girl."
by rawrkitten101 April 2, 2015
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'Heaven on Earth!'
"If I had MILKSHAKES right now I would become a boss!"
by rawrkitten101 April 2, 2015
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When you start dating someone and they end up being a total STALKER and CLINGY. They often start slowly and work their way up to letting you know they are a Stage 5 Clinger.
1. They will begin by being sweet to you and calling you. Everything will seem perfectly fine,
you will think 'WOW I have an Amazing Gf/Bf.
2. Suddenly they begin by asking you "WHY DIDN'T YOU ANSWER MY TEXT!"
3. They can also be very DEADLY to You or Themselves.
(They might even hurt themselves if you don't break it off early enough.)
"He's acting like a Stage 5 Clinger, One moment he's leaving me alone and then the next moment he's threatening me because I didn't text him back. HELP ME!"
by rawrkitten101 April 2, 2015
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A male who takes shit to a whole another level. If you say something to hurt his feelings he will get all sensitive like you cut his penis off with a banana cutter.

Whether you are just not in love with him or give him a sarcastic answer he will become sensitive like a female watching The Notebook. He will act like a pussy ass bitch about anything that involves him being called a name or something he just doesn't like. Simple term- Pussy.
"If you have a Sensitive Male as your boyfriend he can only be defined as a pussy ass little bitch. Just saying."
by rawrkitten101 April 2, 2015
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Something that ALL my ex-boyfriends happen to be.
They start off by being sweet, innocent, good looking guys with charm.
As you get to know them they begin to talk to you less, and you begin Falling in love with them.
1. They begin telling you they were sleeping when you know they were out with friends late at night.
2. They begin saying 'AW' when you tell them that you love them and they laugh often about your serious 'I love you's' and give you lots of Hugs and call you their baby.
3. Girls start to tell you what actually is going on and the Cheater will tell you that she's just jealous.
Cheaters are assholes. So don't get involved with them. They break your heart into a million, billion, trillion pieces. But fuck them! They will get it coming to them someday.
"Whatever, you don't even need him he's a fucking asshole and Cheaters have that Karma coming back at them!!!!!"
by rawrkitten101 April 2, 2015
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