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Means the usage of bad English to highten spin
That dossier was written in spinglish. What does 'Verify that on the report for a counterparty that shows positive utilisation then the user can drill down through the trade details screen' mean?
by ravrolend April 16, 2009

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English spoken by Milk or shandy drinkers after sniffing a real drink.
He just spat Milglish at me for the rest of the Night. I should never had bought that JD and coke
by ravrolend May 12, 2009

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To go home after 3 pints absolutely hammered.
I could hear my bastard friends laughing loudly at me after my third pint they knew I was Milkied.
by ravrolend May 12, 2009

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A Space Raider, Invader or interventionist spanning mainly the last decade in Invading the earth. An off planet being or Alien who lacks KNOWLEDGE. Colloquial slang also meaning YUL. Cockney rhyming slang is 'Yul Brinner' Grinner.
Let remove those YULs. They are not here for humanities benefit.

Which the same as 'Lets remove those Grinners' , ' Your Just a Grinner'
by ravrolend July 05, 2013

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