242 definition by rachel

The coolest person ever; someone who is super cool!
My friend Theresa E is sooooooooo cool!
by Rachel August 02, 2004

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never heard of it are an amazing band who come from america, they sing about tacos and tequila but apart from that they sing about things that mean something to them. The band members are davin,rick,jeff,elmo and greg. they are funny guys who are great to hang out with. they have had many albums including limited edition,moving on,the new shit and their new album 11 days. some of their songs are taco song,alone,waste of time,up all night,no regrets,veronica,build me up,i'll change for now,last letter read,hard headed,feb 31st,etc. they are fucken awesome.
i saw a band called 'never heard of it' in concert in brighton and i met davin and got elmos drumstick,jeffs water and jeff,rick and davin hugged me and signed my t-shirt.
by rachel February 18, 2004

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ignore or permanent ignore feature of instant messages or chat. place someone on iggy if they are being disruptive or rude or annoying.
You have been placed into the iggy bin.
by Rachel September 14, 2003

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"'Wo' means watch out-what just happened? 'Wo' is a feeling or a mood I'm in some days. It's a lot of self-love."

-quoted from mya
by Rachel July 23, 2003

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1. A large stone

2. A type of music which has evolved in the last 10 years, this type of music contains depth and thought and most of all talent. Not just screaming and loud guitars with a drum beat in the background, as most people presume, yes it has instruments, which is obviously much better than some girl singing over a beat which replays over and over throughout the song. Rock music is creative, imaginative and unpredictable. Fuck pop and it's culture.
Not recommended for those who have bad taste in music.
by Rachel July 10, 2003

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Preppy is NOT about being a cheerleader who is very snobby. to be a prep you need to live on the northern east coast (no, preps are not from california). preps play sports but do not have to be athletic. these sports include tennis, golf, polo, horseback riding, sailing, lacrosse, baseball... etc. there is a huge controversy over the fashions that preppy people wear. preps do not wear revealing or tight clothing. polo shirt, capris, sweater sets, ribbons in the hair, ribbon belts,knee socks,and loafers are common preppy clothing styles. brands such as lily, lacoste, ralph lauren, and birkenstock are common. stores like a&f and american eagle are preppy too, but some clothes from these stores are too revealing or tight to be considered preppy. the most important thing to know is that preps are classy, put togther, and natural looking.
Pearls and a polo with a popped collar look very nice with capris.
by Rachel April 01, 2005

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to screw around, to doddle, to waste time
Mr. President, quit dilly dallying, you need to be arrested for war crimes.
by Rachel June 18, 2004

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